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We are aquarium hobbyists who, like everyone else in the hobby, began breeding fish and shrimp. We've been battling with store-bought food for in the past, and while some of it is of decent quality, much of it isn't. We were tired of analyzing, comparing, and sampling many types of tropical fish and shrimp food, so we decided to make our own.

It began as a DIY shrimp food recipe, but after much experimentation and laboratory testing, we've decided to share it with everyone who's interested.

Our aquarium supply store arose from our enthusiasm for shrimp breeding and care. Because we have shrimp aquariums in our house, we can give everything you need to keep shrimps in yours.
We recognize the particular link that exists between aquatic creatures and their owners, and we want to cultivate that bond in everyone while making it simple to maintain.
Shrimp keeping is a gratifying commitment, therefore we continue to make sure that everyone who comes to us is well-informed and knows the responsibilities that come with maintaining a happy and healthy shrimp colony.


Our clients continuously tell us how delighted they have been since we helped them as a consequence of our hard work.


So far it's my wife and I along our line of heroes




An axolotl, our mascot and the administrator of our YouTube channel. He was recently chosen to lead educational workshops. However, he still pays us visits from time to time.



This Apistogramma has been with us for nearly three years. He is in charge of narrating our videos and has excellent communication skills.



A clownfish, an adventurer and weather broadcaster who assists Apisto in his videos and is in charge of saltwater and reef ecosystem research.



This caridina shrimp is the lead tester, as well as a logo figure and a media and design team assistant.


It would be a great honor for us if you signed our guest book and left a testimonial if you enjoyed our service and products.


What Clients Say

"Amazing customer service! My order was shipped quickly and with great care. The moss was of excellent quality and very well packaged. You’ve made my tank mates very happy and it’s obvious you take pride in your products. New loyal customer from Winnipeg :)"

A. Wall, Aquarist


The News

In this article Your Aquarium Place they go into the low down on the development behind PÚDR, this new food, which is suitable for varieties ranging from freshwater cleaner shrimp, blue freshwater shrimp, and more.

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