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Caring for Red Root Floaters

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Red Root Floaters, also known as Phyllanthus Fluitans, are a low-maintenance plant that thrives in Nano tanks and prefers enclosed places.

Surface agitation is the primary cause of death. It will melt and perish if the plants move a much due to water circulation.

Solution: Place the floaters inside a ring tube that is anchored to the surface somewhere.

The plant will be melted if it is exposed to too much heat. Make sure the lighting isn't too bright, and that the water temperature is between 24-26 degrees Celsius (74-78 degrees Fahrenheit).

The pH should also be between 6.5 and 7.5, as it is in most tanks; this is an excellent PH for Shrimp keeping.

The Phyllanthus Fluitans is a floating plant that gets its nutrition from the water column, like most floating plants. If you conduct a lot of water changes and keep your water mineral-free, this plant won't be able to feed itself and will finally die.

Solution: Minerals and nitrogen-rich fertilizers should be added.

This plant necessitates humidity and high-intensity illumination, while high-intensity lighting raises the temperature.

Solution: Cover the tank to retain the humidity at the top, and use low-intensity lighting as close to the pant as feasible; if you use high-intensity lighting, adjust with distance.

You can still witness some melting and die off's after taking care of all those settings and when you initially obtain the plant. Don't be alarmed; this is common when the plant's environment changes.

The following images demonstrate what we do.

  1. TRIM the roots that aren't covered in leaves.

  2. Keep the excellent leaves for the stem at the right length.

  3. Get rid of the wilting and withering leaves.

The roots remove from the tank for cleaning and What is left to be cultured in a new setup