Aquarium Powder Food Ingredients


We prepare our shrimp supplements by hand using old milling methods, which allows us to carefully inspect the product and clean any unwanted debris....


Organic Human Grade Supplements

The formulations are made up of several elements, and while we can discuss the ingredients we utilise, we can't say how much of each is present. However, we provide nutritional information for each product so that you may choose the best option for your aquatic pet.
It's possible that one formula contains a high concentration of a specific element that doesn't exist in the other, and this is done on purpose. Part of it is for a balanced diet, and part of it is for a restricted diet.
We stress on being organic, because it is human grade food. We can literally use this food as a supplement, and we can show you anytime if you wanted to. 
Our suppliers test for the presence of microorganisms, aflatoxins, and heavy metals on a regular basis. They carefully examine each production lot's Certificates of Analysis to guarantee that the product satisfies all of the highest quality standards.


These are the ingredients we use; the formula is only provided in nutritional values. Please keep in mind that our formulas contain between four and six of those ingredients. To avoid water chemistry changes, some ingredients, such as bentonite, are only found in one product.